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In their eagerness to embrace new technology, people can get swept away by enthusiasm for the technology itself. It is easy to forget that the internet is simply a medium of communication. The World Wide Web part of the internet is already the most versatile form of communication known. It is rapidly evolving new capabilities and it is obvious that soon it will simultaneously incorporate the abilities of all previous communication methods short of actual face to face human interaction.

With such a powerful tool it is important to exercise caution and not use capabilities for their own sake but only when they further the purposes of the website. The goal of a website should be not just to accomplish what the site owners want but also to deliver what the site users want. It is never to the advantage of the owners to cause users to become frustrated and disatisfied.

The Web is wonderful but it is still just communication and it is only one method of interchange with the public, clients, employees, suppliers or others. It is important to harmonize web communication with other forms of communication to present a clear and coherent message.

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